Diagram of trunk and twig recirculation system with demand pumps, and a photo of Gary Klein

Services and Capabilities

Gary Klein and Associates provides consulting on sustainability through our international team of affiliates. At this time we are most focused on water-energy-carbon footprint issues with a particular emphasis on hot water. GKA provides consulting services and training to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and homeowners on the most effective ways to achieve sustainable buildings.

Our specialty is how to integrate a high performance hot water system into these buildings. One of our services is to provideĀ  “redline” drawings for optimized hot water distribution system architecture for specific floor plans. GKA also works with a variety of organizations to develop an effective strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of their water-energy relationship.

Over the past few years we have been very involved with national codes and standards and incentive programs including ICC, IAPMO, ASHRAE, EPA Energy Star and WaterSense, LEED and NAHB. The emphasis has been on developing internally consistent code provisions for hot water systems in high performance buildings of all types, although we have broadened the scope to all water systems in the building and on the site.

Complementing our codes and standards work, we have been working with Masco’s EFL, BASF’s OASYS and DOE’s Building America programs to implement best practices in a range of buildings from low-income retrofits, to production housing to custom homes.